How to identify the quality of the helmet?

How to identify the quality of the helmet?

How to identify the quality of the helmet?

As a head protection product, the important role of helmets is self-evident. Many accidents are caused by not using helmets or using inferior helmets. Therefore, relevant workers must pay attention to the quality of helmets.

Safety helmets must be produced in accordance with the national standard GB2811-2007 "Safety Helmets". Products delivered from the factory should pass the inspection of the safety supervision department and the quality inspection department. The safety helmets that meet the requirements of the standard will be issued with relevant qualification certificates. According to national standards, a qualified safety helmet should have the following four permanent marks:

1. Name, trademark and model of the manufacturer

2. Production date (including year and month)

3. Production certificate and inspection verification

4. Production license number

After checking these four signs, you need to distinguish quality based on experience:

Look thin and thick: Whether it is glass fiber reinforced plastic, ABS or other materials, high-quality helmets have a certain sense of thickness, and seemingly thin helmets often have poor impact resistance.

Weighing weight: Thickness does not mean heavy weight. An overweight helmet will put pressure on the wearer's neck and cause fatigue. According to international standards for the weight of helmets, the small-edge and curled-edge helmets must not exceed 430g (excluding the weight of accessories), and the large-edge helmets must not exceed 460g.

Hardness test: At present, there are more ABS helmets on the market, which have the characteristics of high strength and good toughness. However, some inferior helmets are mixed with other secondary materials, and they will break with a light drop. The protective effect can be imagined. We can lightly press the top of the hat with our thumbs when testing. If it is too soft, it is best not to choose.

Qualification for the production of protective equipment is very important, especially when purchasing safety helmets online, you must check the manufacturer’s production qualifications. If you are an agent or distributor of a big brand, you must check the relevant certification to ensure that it is genuine. The test report provided by the manufacturer is, after all, a safety issue, so you can't be sloppy.


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